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About Us

A Brief About Us

The company LOGISTIC PIERIAS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY is an independent company dedicated to logistics and storage of Petroleum Products and Biofuels.

LOGISTIC PIERIAS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY holds park storage located in the Thessaloniki II Liquids Storage Terminal, Greece with the capacity of 331.000 m3 distributed in 14 tanks. LOGISTIC PIERIAS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY has three berths: two berths with 250 m LOA, DRAFT 15.1 m for large tonnage vessels up to 140,000 tons and other berth with 200 m LOA, DRAFT 11 m for the vessels up to 45,000 tons. The three berths are connected through pipelines between themselves and with Terminal storage, that will allow giving the major versatility and major capacity for simultaneous operations, included the ship to ship service.

The terminal LOGISTIC PIERIAS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY provides are with the latest advanced technologies in this industry with the aim to be of service to its customers, guarantees customized and independent approach to each client with a commitment to continuous improvement of the quality of services, safety and environment protection in its activities.

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Our Core Values

LOGISTIC PIERIAS LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY has evolved strategically to become one of the world’s leading independent logistics and storage company. We have five core values that we live by every day. Together, these core values are the foundation of a unique culture that guides us in all our decisions and helps us live up to our purpose.

Care for Safety

Health and the Environment is always on our minds. We embed it in everything we do to ensure the safety of everyone involved, promote sustainability and contribute to our local communities.


We demonstrate sound moral and ethical principles and do the right thing. The actions of every individual - being honest, truthful and responsible - contribute to the trust of our customers and other stakeholders.

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Team Spirit

We nurture a spirit of trust, respect and optimism that motivates us to learn from each other and operate as a team, resulting in great achievements. We work together with a smile, are proud of our teams’ successes and value every member's contribution.


Our ability to adapt to change is more important than ever. Changing markets, new technologies and societal challenges motivate us to improve and innovate continuously. We value creativity, fresh ideas, bold decisions and new solutions.


Each one of us feels fully responsible for the promises we make to our colleagues, customers and other stakeholders. We always go the extra mile.